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The elegance of hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful choice for every room in your home. But some personalizations may serve you better than others. Customizing these floor coverings is easy when you focus on your need, and we can help.

Wood floors offer an excellent look

Wood floors are an excellent choice for every room in your home, with benefits for all spaces. For those looking for a great decor match, extensive options are available to you. Enjoy beautiful stain colors, format, and installation layouts that match your interior design. Personalizing your floors involves other attributes, including board grade and species. As you share your requirements and preferences, we'll show you the best options for each one. These trendy options can breathe new life into your home, keeping you current for years to come.

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What about hardwood durability?

Both solid and engineered wood flooring offers an excellent level of durability. The species you choose is one of the most important choices, as some are harder than others and withstand more wear. The more active your household, the harder your selected species should be. In below-grade spaces, engineered wood is the only wood floor choice. The rooms are often damp and humid, with many temperature changes. And the layered construction and added humidity resistance are a perfect addition here.

Hardwood flooring installation

A professional hardwood flooring installation is the best way to protect your purchase. It also ensures your manufacturer's warranty will never be void. And, of course, it places your new flooring precisely as it should be once inside your home. Every wood flooring installation begins with the acclimation process. The process can take one to three days and creates a strong, well-adapted material. Once acclimated, installation can continue as usual, and we'll tell you more about it when you visit us.
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Find your wood floors in our showroom

At Surfacepros, we care about your flooring as much as you do and work to ensure your satisfaction. We offer a well-stocked inventory and all the services that go with it for your flooring success. And our associates are standing by to ensure you find the best flooring and resources.

Stop by our Dallas, TX showroom today to get your hardwood flooring. Our service areas include Dallas, TX, Fort Worth, TX, Arlington, TX, Denton, TX, and McKinney, TX, and we'd like to work with you too. Be sure to stop by our showroom to learn more about your new flooring.