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New countertops can change so much

Choosing the perfect new countertops can change so much about your kitchen space. These surfaces affect the look, feel, and functionality of the room, so it's a big deal. Be sure to consider all the options that match your needs and preferences the most.

Granite countertops

You'll find granite countertops are one of the most sought-after surfaces in remodeling. They bring a stunning appearance that's a sure match for your most elegant decor. But it's practical enough to match other visual schemes as well. For durability, you'll find these are some of the most scratch-resistant surfaces you can find. But since the material is porous, it requires sealing for water and stain resistance. Nevertheless, once our team installs these for you, you'll find they work well for decades to come.

Quartz countertops

These surfaces are nonporous and not likely to take on any water damage or permanent stains. But quartz countertops are also very durable against daily wear, with little to no maintenance required. As a result, scratches, scuffs, and dents are not a big concern. You'll find many different looks that cater to any decor stylings for visual appeal. Add them to your space to help create the look you want and need. If you need help creating a look you'll love, be sure to speak with one of our countertop professionals today.

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A precise countertop installation 

Installation of countertops is a very specialized service that yields excellent results. We offer detailed services that include measurements, cutting, placement, and aftercare. When you need specialized care, we're here for you. Before we start any work, we'll let you know just what you can expect as we move through the installation. If you have questions about any work, this is a great time to ask. We'll also let you know how long the process will take so that you can plan for any changes to your routine.
Countertops in Dallas, TX from Surfacepros

Update your countertops today

When you visit Surfacepros, you'll find we dedicate ourselves to relationship-based service and so much more. We want to exceed your goals instead of only meeting them. And we will always listen to all your needs before suggesting a single product.

Check out our countertops today at our Dallas, TX, showroom location for results you can live with. If you live in Dallas, TX, Fort Worth, TX, Arlington, TX, Denton, TX, or McKinney, TX, we look forward to working with you. Please stop by our showroom today to get your countertops updated for the best results.